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Comprehensive Customer Relationship Management

Our services include Omni Channel CRM consultancy and implement ation, from CRM system integration though to customer interaction via an integrated contact center. We help brands actively seek and enrich customer’s lives through great Customer Experience.

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Eways is unique

In that we offer a complete portfolio of CRM services under one roof for easier control of deliverables and greater efficiencies. This enables an intensity of focus that is not as easily available from a multi-location environment

eWays Omni channels CRM

Strong Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Capability

We offer strategic and operational professionalism via a seasoned group of CRM professionals both from the agency and client side.

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Our focus is centered on enabling companies develop profitable relationships with their customers via a complete understanding of the customer journey, customer lifecycle process, and targeted customer relationship programs.

Data is at the foundation of everything we do, and the saying ‘knowledge is power’ is a core belief at Eways.We are ISO 27001 certified and provide data driven marketing strategies that leverages on Marketing Technology and Marketing automation systems.

From consumer segmentation through to predictive and prescriptive analytics our team of specialists are on hand to help companies focus on how to enhance the value of their customers to your brand. We realize the full potential of Enterprise Data Assets, turning insights into action, data into profits.

Our customer service solutions consist of well-trained personnel to handle both inbound and outbound customer queries and complaints, that are supported by a versatile multi-channel contact center platform, Sesame.We are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001certified to give a delightful Customer Experience.

Our Sesame Platform is an integrated based solution that offers Multi-channel contact center CTI Integration, Gamification and Loyalty Programs complete with Business analytics. Read More.

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